Comparison Between the Two Best Irobot Vacuums

1. iRobot Roomba 536 Vacuuming Robot – A Homeowner’s Beloved Pet

The iRobot Roomba 536 Vacuuming Robot belongs to the latest 500 series. Its brand is known for its great quality and excellent technology, particularly when it comes to cleaning devices. As a matter of fact, more and more homeowners are saying that this has revolutionized the way people can clean their homes. As part of the 500 series of Roomba, many new features have been incorporated that make the appliance more convenient and reliable than ever before.

More on the iRobot Roomba 536 Vacuuming Robot

So the vacuum robot is approximately 17 inches by 18 inches by 5 inches which is in keeping with previous models. It has a slightly more modern looking shell but it is the new features that are much more interesting to people keen to ditch the boring household chores. The key features of this amazing device are as follows:

  • A cleaning head that automatically adjusts to different kinds of vacuum carpets as well as hard floors for a more thorough cleaning system;
  • A set of replaceable brushes as well as two brush cleaning tools and two extra filters for added support;
  • It comes with an AeroVac Technology for maximizing air flow;
  • It has an iAdapt Responsive Technology which ensures that every section or area of your room gets vacuumed lots of times. This also helps you clean hard to reach areas;
  • You can preset it no matter how many times per week you want to clean your rooms.
  • It can also sense dirty spots. With these features you don’t need to worry about remembering to use it or to check if the spots are cleaned thoroughly; and
  • It can go back to its home base on its own to recharge between cycles.

The iRobot Roomba 536 Vacuuming Robot is a cut above the rest. Most homeowners these days mention that it is the best “pet” they ever had. Why not? You don’t have to feed it, it doesn’t drop fur everywhere and it can even clean up by itself.

This device is a great help to a lot of homeowners, especially single parents and moms with newborns or toddlers. It seems to understand the need to clean the house and why you don’t have the time to do it. Depending on how you use it and take care of it, this device can last for years.

The iRobot Roomba 536 Vacuuming Robot is one cleaning tool you should consider for your home. It is one of the few good reasons why you need to take advantage of what technology can offer. It can definitely make your life at home less complicated and even cleaner. With this vacuuming robot you now have the time to do other stuff.

2.Roomba 532 Pet Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If you have watched any of the videos on this site, you might think that the Roomba 532 Pet series vacuum robot is designed to allow your pet cat to sit on it while it goes about it’s duties. Of course this is not correct, all Roomba’s allow cats, dogs and most other pets to sit on them (and they seem to like it too). No, the Roomba 532 is designed to clean rooms that are likely to have more hair on the floor or in the carpet. The brush mechanism is also altered so that the hairs don’t get tangled around the mechanism too. All up, the Pet series vacuum robot is designed to be more capable of dealing with the kind of dirt pet owners will experience – fur and hair.

The Roomba 532 looks like any other Roomba in terms of dimensions. It even functions in much the same way. The main difference is an extra set of brushes, two interchangeable debris bins and cleaning tools that will make it easier to clean the brushes and other parts of the appliance that may collect unwanted dirt or hair.

Many people that use a Roomba for any length of time will soon realize that you have to do a fair amount of maintenance to your vacuum robot if you want it to be at it’s best. It’s pretty much the same as any standard vacuum cleaner. You have to empty the dirt bin (or bag in the case of many cleaners). You also have to check that any of the moving parts of the appliance are not clogged with dirt or hair. The same goes for the Roomba. People with pets that live or spend some time indoors will find that hairs that get picked up by the Roomba will clog various moving parts. This has to be removed and the tools that are supplied with the pet series Roomba make it easier to do this.

The dirt bin is bigger on the 532 too. This is especially useful when animals are molting or you have long haired animals. The Roomba can work longer before you have to empty the bin. Some people even report that they have to empty the bin half way through cleaning when there is a lot of hair around.

The Roomba 532 is also designed such that a curious pet will not be harmed should it come in contact with the vacuum robot by using light-touch bumper on the edges. In most case the pet will simply move out of the way of a moving cleaner, put if it decides to paw at the device or sniff it, it will not be harmed by any moving parts that are concealed underneath the cleaner.

Apart from these features, The 532 does the same sort of job as the other vacuum robot models. It has cliff sensing technology so that it does not fall down stairs or off a balcony. It has anti-tangle technology so that it does not get tangled in carpet tassels or wiring (although it is advised to remove any wiring or other obstructions from a room that is about to be cleaned by a Roomba). It also comes with one virtual wall so that you can set certain parts of the house or room off limits to the vacuum cleaner.

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