Pregnancy pillow: Make It Easy On Yourself!

Men can only guess what are the joys, but as well as the hardships of pregnancy. Women who were pregnant in their life definitely do. So if you had that experience, but particularly if you didn’t, you might consider purchasing a pregnancy body pillow. It could definitely enhance the joys and lessen the hardships pregnancy brings along with it.

As the pregnancy progresses and the birth date grows closer, that “ever moving” belly can become an “ever unresolved” problem when you want to get some quality night’s sleep, or any time when your feet get heavy during the day and you want to get some rest. That is when a pregnancy body pillow can be the solution.

Why a pregnancy pillow?Why a pregnancy pillow?
It is not only that you want to get some sleep during pregnancy, you must do! This has the health benefits for the mother, but also for the baby. That health role of sleep during pregnancy is probably not stressed enough.

But getting some quality sleep during pregnancy can become somewhat of a problem. As a pregnant woman, you don’t simply lie down and sleep, you have to find a right position for it, and that can cost you some time, and in a blink, the sun is already up, and your daily are already waiting for you. Also, the baby can keep on kicking, cramps can set in, or you might need to get up and go to the bathroom more than once during the night. All this is a “perfect” recipe for lack of quality sleep.

One option you might try is using as many regular pillows as possible. This could work for a while, but the pillows will keep moving along with you, and soon enough, they’ll be all around your bed or on the floor and you with practically very little sleep.

According this article other option is the pregnancy pillow. These whole body pillows are designed specifically for pregnant women, giving them a possibility to rest properly. They are contoured for the body of a pregnant woman to give them support in the times of need. This is particularly important in the later pregnancy stages, when sleeping has mostly to be done on your side. Also, the design of these pillows is supposed to reduce the stress that the pregnancy belly applies to different parts of the body, like your neck, shoulders and waist.

Full pregnancy pillowsIt is good to know that these pillows have a useful function even after the baby is born. This is particularly true if if the mother wants to nurse the newborn in a lying position, something that can be very comfortable, both for the mother and the baby.

The choice itself is quite wide, and it is very important to make a right choice of features suited to each mother specifically. Here are some general types:

Full pregnancy pillows: Usually C shaped and also known as “total body pillows” these give most support to the whole body, and allow to be wrapped all around the mother.
Wedge pregnancy pillows: These are smaller in size and usually support only the belly and the back. Their size makes them a solution when you have to travel.

Bean shaped pregnancy pillows: Their names describe their shape and they work in a similar way as the wedge pillows. Along with great support for the belly, their extended shape cane give separation in the knees and give good head support.

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