Smoothies for weight loss. Smoothies Recipes

Smoothies for weight lossSmoothies (smoothie) translated to English refers to a smooth, uniform, smoothie is thick, but in the meantime easy digestibility for a cocktail whipped in a blender of fruit, vegetables, nuts, with the addition of milk, honey, sugar, cereals and so on.

The first mention of smoothie blenders to the invention appeared in the United States around the 1930s. Further, when in the 1960s vegetarianism began to acquire more and more popular, smoothies wave again swept across countries. We, in the distant Soviet times, smoothies is simply called the “fruit puree” or “baby food.”

All over the world smoothie is rightly considered a liquid meal, which, due to its nutritional properties so popular among the models, athletes, supporters of HLS. It allows you to recharge your batteries, cheerfulness for the whole day. It can be used instead of dinner if you are on a diet or just maintain the shape and to the body in good shape.

This type of food is rich in vitamins, fiber, pectin, minerals, nutrients, calcium and protein (if the base of your smoothie composes milk), biologically active substances. If you enter a smoothie in a constant diet, the body will always be enriched with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, it will gradually be cleaned, rid of toxic substances and waste, speed up the metabolism, it updates every cell of the body, nourishes without overloading the stomach, helps to preserve youth. Use smoothies undeniable.

Berry smoothie contains a lot of antioxidants, smoothies with legumes and nuts are good for the treatment or prevention of constipation, for the enrichment cocktail klechatkoy added flaxseed.

To lose weight with smoothies should be two meals replaced by a liquid food. It is best if it is dinner, snack or lunch. Drinking through a straw is recommended – so you quickly come to the feeling of fullness. In such cocktails should include carrots, celery, apples, mango, greptfrukt, greens, if milk – the only low-calorie foods (milk, yoghurt, soured milk). For a more intense aroma is good mix of sweet and sour fruits and berries, do not adhere to any strict rules and recipes, but still avocados and bananas on a minimum limit.

To the contrary the weight gain in smoothies add more seeds, nuts, bananas, avocado, dairy products with normal fat content, you can occasionally indulge smoothie with ice cream.

For smoothies used vegetables, berries, fruits, yeast, yogurt, milk or yogurt, clean filtered water if the juice – the natural (in-store juices high in sugar and flavorings), herbal teas, teas, nuts, herbs, seeds, and seeds, dried fruits, natural sweetener – honey.

Prepare smoothies simple: in a blender loading all your selected solids, then poured the liquid component of a cocktail – it must cover the fruit for about three fingers, and all whipped until smooth puree.

Recipe spicy vegetable smoothie: a pair of tomato, cucumber, yogurt or fermented baked milk (about two cups), herbs (cilantro, parsley or dill, but if you put the greens too much, you may receive the bitterness), a little sea salt, two cloves of garlic, pepper if desired .

Vegetable smoothie recipe: tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, lettuce leaf, a little green to choose a glass of unsweetened natural yogurt, salt, pepper.

Recipe cucumber smoothie with mint: a few cucumbers, lemon juice thirds, mint, honey.

Pear smoothie: Two sweet ripe pear, yogurt, about 10 ml, the juice of one orange, after whipping add granola..

Tomato smoothie, three tomatoes, cucumber, one or two cloves of garlic, herbs, peanuts (wishes), salt, pepper.

Smoothies with oatmeal: a banana, a handful of all berries (if sour berries can be sweetened with honey), low-fat yogurt, 3-4 tablespoons of water.

Palm smoothie: a banana, a glass of low-fat yogurt, a handful of dates (pitted of course), a spoon of honey, peanuts, if desired.

Chamomile smoothie: a banana, a cup of chamomile decoction, a cup of yogurt, 2 tablespoons maple syrup.

Recipes smoothies as much and ingredients for it, so it is impossible to list them all, all depends on your preferences, on your imagination, listen to your feelings, your body, what he wants and needs.

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